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Alanya has been awarded the best holiday destination in Turkey
Alanya has been awarded the best holiday destination in Turkey by Dutch holidaymakers. This is already recorded by over 6,000 reviews which was written last year. Alanya mostly gets good marks for its beaches, interesting places and its location in a beautiful area with plenty to do. Travel awards are like 5 years ago it was set to paint a fair picture of the quality of travel companies and destinations.

President Erdogan inspected the EXPO 2016
President Erdogan inspected the EXPO 2016 Antalya exhibition area, which will be opened on 23 April this year in Antalya. President Erdogan was debriefed about the project, then moved to field and visited Agriculture and Biodiversity Museum, Children Island, Restaurant Street, Rain Forests Greenhouse, Congress Center works in person and viewed the area from top of the EXPO Hill.

Turkey?s first submarine trips aim to revive tourism
As Turkey seeks to maintain its tourism industry amid regional problems, one Antalya-based firm has hit upon a novel idea to keep people coming to the coast - a 48-seat submarine. Guests from around the world could soon be speeding through the Mediterranean Sea at 130 feet below the waves in ?Nemo?, a Finnish-built craft, renovated in Spain.

International celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber could be invited for Expo2016
International celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber could be invited to perform in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya as part of EXPO 2016 in a bid to revive the region?s daunting tourism sector, as well as lure interest from target markets, Antalya?s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) head Davut Cetin suggested in a report to the Tourism Ministry.

Toyota to invest more than 350M euros in Turkey
Toyota has decided to invest more than 350 million euros in its Turkish subsidiary's factory in Sakarya with the aim of increasing its yearly capacity by 90 percent, creating more than 1,000 jobs

Turkish scientist Aziz Sancar receives Nobel Prize for DNA repair study
Tkish professor Aziz Sancar was crowned his scientific achievements with a Nobel Prize on Thursday which was awarded to him, Swedish scientist Tomas Lindahl and American scientist Paul Modrich by Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf for their studies on the repair of damaged DNA by cells in the body. "Their work made a decisive contribution to the understanding of how the living cell functions and provided knowledge about the molecular causes of several hereditary diseases and mechanism behind both cancer development and ageing," the Nobel jury said.

My family is Turkish, Spanish, English, Adele tells Dutch TV in her 2009 interview
dele, whose new album "25" has been topping music charts for weeks, may have Turkish roots, according to an interview conducted by Dutch TV RTL in 2009. The interview, which was conducted in the early years of Adele's music career, is expected to spark debate, following claims about her song 'Million Years Ago' resembling deceased Kurdish-Turkish singer Ahmet Kaya's song "Acilara Tutunmak."

Rolls-Royce Offers Engine for Turkish-Made Fighter Jet
Rolls-Royce is offering its EJ200 engine to power the first Turkish-made fighter jet, Turkish officials said. Procurement sources said the Ankara government and Rolls Royce may be coming near to a deal depending on what the company's solution will entail in terms of production, know-how and export licenses.

Turkey and South Korea: Blood brothers for 60 years
The 2017 anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and South Korea will mark six decades of a military, economic, and cultural ?special relationship?. Cho Yunsoo, South Korea?s Ambassador to Ankara, told Anadolu Agency this week that relations have improved over that period ?without slowing down?. ?The people of Turkey and South Korea call each other ?blood brothers?,? he said, adding that a Turkish brigade named ?North Star? served under the United Nations Command during the Korean War.

Turkish Airlines to fly for investment with ?Invest in Turkey? livery
For the first time in its history, Turkish Airlines has written ?Turkiye?ye yatirim yapin / Invest in Turkey? on the body of a plane. The ?Invest in Turkey? plane will call for international investors in the sky, flying to target destinations and inviting investors. Having been named the ?Best Airline in Europe? in 2015 for the fifth time, and flying to a total of 283 destinations in 111 countries, including 50 domestic and 233 international destinations, Turkish Airlines has taken an action to attract international investors. Turkish Airlines has supported the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency by writing ?Invest in Turkey? on the body of the TC-JIZ registered Airbus 330 type plane in its fleet.

President Erdogan launches G20 Summit
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has delivered an opening speech at the G20 Summit in Turkey's coastal southern city of Antalya. The Turkish president welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping. Condemning the Paris attacks on Friday night that left 129 people dead, Erdogan said: "We need to establish a common platform to struggle with terrorism.

Racing from Asia to Europe ? Istanbul's marathon
Thousands of people will meet in Turkey?s biggest city on Sunday to run the Istanbul Marathon, the world?s only road race where people can cross from Asia to Europe. The 37th Vodafone Istanbul Marathon?s campaign for this year is ?End Violence Against Women?.

Most EU legislators support Turkey's membership
A majority of European lawmakers are in favor Turkey?s membership in the European Union, but that the accession process is affected by socio-cultural prejudice, according a report released by released Thursday by a Brussels-based NGO. The report, issued Young Friends of Turkey (YFoT), reveals that a research team interviewed 30 parliamentarians on national level and 27 parliamentarians on European level.

Advancing the G20 as the hub of global governance at the Antalya G20 Summit
The debate has long raged over whether the G20 can move from being a crisis committee to becoming a global steering committee. In the first four G20 summits, which took place in Washington DC in 2008, London and Pittsburgh in 2009, and Toronto in 2010, there was a clear imperative that the G20 would concentrate on the crisis committee component of its duties. Jolted into action by the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., the fallout from the implosion of the U.S. sub-prime market, and the collective dive of global stock markets and confidence, the G20 sought safety through a concert-like approach. In a marked shift from previous recessions, key countries from all the major regions around the world, not just members of the old western-centric establishment, were invited to be an integral part of this effort.

The Booming Business Of Golf In Turkey
Is Turkey the rising star of the golf industry? It is a question that deserves attention as the 2015 Turkish Airlines Open is underway at the beautiful Montgomerie Maxx Royal in Belek, Turkey. Dozens of golf courses are currently under construction in the region, players appear thrilled with existing courses? condition and amenities and there is talk about Turkey having real potential to host the 2026 Ryder Cup. The business of golf is booming in Turkey, but challenges remain in order for the country?s lofty goals to be achieved.


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